Brands Hatch owner sets his sights on Silverstone

5th September 2016

Brands Hatch circuit has revealed that they’re planning to make a bid for Silverstone.Brands-Hatch-owner-on-track-for-Silverstone-bid-motorsportdays-track-days-1

Currently owned by the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC) and the home of Formula One’s British Grand Prix, Silverstone was already on the line to be leased to Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) after a vote in April. JLR planned to use the circuit as the test-track for customers.

It later emerged, however, that Porsche holds a veto over the track, and this prevents other car manufacturers from using it for more than 45 days a year.

Although chief executive of MotorSport Vision (and consequently the man in charge of four British race tracks including Brands Hatch), Jonathan Palmer, says that there is definitely interest in making an offer for Silverstone, he has also admitted that the BRDC is yet to offer them the opportunity to place an offer.

After the hitch in proceedings with JLR, the BRDC board is said to have begun discussions with Lawrence Tomlinson, a businessman who has already made a bid for Silverstone. As well as this, it seems that the BRDC board has requested further signs of interest in the track, but again Palmer has not been included in these enquiries, despite the fact that MSD is Britain’s leading circuit operator.

The search for Silverstone’s next investor is clearly now well underway.

Source: Telegraph

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