Caterham Academy, Green and White

4th October 2015



Kieran McAleer took pole in a rather dominant fashion with over a second between him and David Bevan. However it was Rui Ferreira that got the better race start and was able to slide into lead and stay there until the end. Bevan had, what we might call an interesting race. He diced with Will Lloyd and Jon Curry yo-yoing up and down the order, perhaps not the race he had planned but it was great fun to watch! Curry got a fantastic start, leapfrogging his way into third and defending well until he was displaced by the fast charging Andy Larholt who seemed to appear from nowhere. Larholt in his unmistakable black and fluro yellow car started in tenth place but he clearly had his sights set on something better than that. Missing his wife’s birthday he knew he had to make it count and bring home some silverware which is exactly what he did. After a legendary drive, slicing through the field in the pouring rain he made his way up to third and remained there as the flag fell.


Andy Perry qualified on Pole which was almost expected after his success in the sprints. However he wasn’t able to keep his nose in front for long as young Scot, Daneil Bremner, in fact the youngest of our drivers this year at just 17 years old, took the lead in style and was able to keep Perry at an arm’s length. Lee Collins qualified third and remained there after a slightly lonely race. The man on the move was Conrad Quilty-Harper who was driving the GQ car this weekend. He quickly got to grips with the circuit and learnt his way round, moving up from sixteenth into ninth by the second lap. He was absolutely flying but then went into a corner a little too hot and missed his braking point sending him into a spin and off track for a little sightseeing. He re-joined back in sixteenth, cancelling out all his hard work. He has to win the prize for best start though… The race was muted for a while under a safety car, required to remove Dan Martin’s car from an unsafe position after it became stranded following a spin.

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