Celebrating 60 years of the Lotus Seven

5th July 2017

This weekend the Lotus Seven will celebrate its 60th birthday with Donington Park playing host to a variety of special events.

Called ‘The Caterham 60th Anniversary Festival’, the event will feature two days of racing on the venue’s full Grand Prix circuit.

19 races are scheduled, 14 of which will feature Caterhams. Appropriately, seven different Caterham series are competing, ranging from the Academy Championship for newcomers, up to the most powerful 175bhp Seven 420R series.

Other categories in action include the Roadsport, Seven 270R, Supersport and the Seven 310R championship, in which Sir Chris Hoy will be racing.

Hundreds of cars from this iconic British manufacturer are expected to be in action.

The design of the Seven has certainly been a case of evolution rather than revolution with the original silhouette still in production.

Testament to the enduring original Colin Chapman design, the Seven’s likeness has been continued by an array of manufacturers- most notably Caterham.

A lightweight construction, variable states of engine tune and rear-wheel-drive make the Seven a hugely popular and enjoyable racing car.

Also, as a kit car, the Seven offers owners the chance to build their racing car from scratch, knowing the mechanical composition inside and out.

Despite the car’s small dimensions, a wealth of powertrains can be dropped into the chassis, including bike engines, and the different formulae available at clubman level in the UK cater for road legal cars, small budgets and young drivers on one end of the spectrum to hugely fast machines and drivers at the other.

What’s more the series, run by a variety of clubs across the country, offer fantastic racing to the fans also with slipstreaming and close battle rife throughout the various classes and championships.

Visit the MotorsportDays website to read more and the various series in the country and also to book track tuition with an array of drivers well-versed in the open cockpit.