750 Classic Stock Hatch Championship

Championship Profile

750 Classic Stock Hatch Championship

All the action and cost control of Stock Hatch racing, yet using retro cars produced prior to 1992. Here Peugeot 205 GTis are pitted up against everything from XR2s to Citroen AX GTs. Engine capacity must be less than 1600cc (two valve per cylinder) or 1400cc (multi-valve), and secondhand race cars are available from as little as £2500.

Contact Details

Contact: Giles Groombridge

Email: giles@750mc.co.uk

Telephone: 01332 814548

Championship Information

Set of tyres:£250-£400

Testing Fee:n/a

Race Entry round fee:Between £275 and £335 for double-header meetings (depending on circuit).

Club fees:£20 Membership to 750 Motor Club, £120 registration fee