750 Club Enduro

Championship Profile

750 Club Enduro

Club Enduro fills a gap in club-level circuit racing, offering all the excitement and challenges of endurance racing, but with a field of club-level racecars on a realistic budget. Races are 90 or 120 minutes and two drivers can either share a car or run two cars in a relay format. Regulations include three classes based on power to weight ratio and entry fees offer unrivalled seat time for the costs involved.

Contact Details

Contact: Giles Groombridge

Email: giles@750mc.co.uk

Telephone: 01332 814548

Championship Information

Average incident repair costs: Variable

Set of tyres:Variable

Testing Fee:n/a

Race Entry round fee:£595 per team (either 90 or 120 minute races)

Club fees:£20 Membership to 750 Motor Club, FREE registration