750 RGB Championship

Championship Profile

750 RGB Championship

Now in its 15th season, the 750 Motor Club’s ‘Road-Going Bike-engined’ formula is for two-seater cars in MOT compliant form. All must use a standard naturally aspirated four-stroke bike engine with a capacity up to 1000cc, and classes are split between front-engined and mid/rear-engined. Entries range from specific kits to modified road cars and scratch built specials, with regulations allowing freedom in terms of chassis, bodywork, suspension and brakes.

Contact Details

Contact: Giles Groombridge

Email: giles@750mc.co.uk

Telephone: 01332 814548

Championship Information

Average incident repair costs: £300

Set of tyres:£300-£550

Testing Fee:n/a

Race Entry round fee:Between £275 and £330 for double-header meetings (depending on circuit).

Club fees:£20 Membership to 750 Motor Club, £120 registration fee