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Over twenty years, nine-hundred complete novices have become racing drivers through the Caterham Academy; the most successful starter race series in Europe and possibly the world. The 2016 season, which is supported by GQ magazine, will see two new groups of drivers take to the grids and fight it out to take their place in the Academy hall of fame.

The Academy’s recipe for success is an entry-level Roadsport based race car, along with a comprehensive introduction to motorsport, including two sprints and five race events, all included in one price. All in the company of more than forty other drivers with no experience at all – just like you.

After meeting the group for an outline of the year in the winter, the new Academists will take their ARDS course together, followed by a car control clinic and then an exclusive test day during the early months of the year, before competition starts in the spring. A simple first round sprint is followed by a more challenging sprint, preparing the competitor for the ultimate competition; the first race.

During the course of the Academy year, trackside technical support from the Caterham Technicians is included in the package. In the interest of fairness, no other professional team support is permitted during the season. This ensures that not only are the cars even and the experience even, but that the level-playing field extends to preparing and maintaining your car. In this way, the Academy focuses on progressing you as an individual, like no other series.

The fully road-legal 1.6 Ford Sigma powered Academy car is designed and specified so that a novice driver can get to grips with learning the art of car control and race-craft. After the Academy year is complete, it can be simply and cost-effectively upgraded for use in the Roadsport, then Tracksport and Supersport championships, giving at least four years of progression in the same car.

With nine-hundred drivers establishing their motorsport roots through the Caterham Academy, make sure you get you place on the grid for 2017 by signing-up today.

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