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The Supersport name was hijacked from the step below (now Tracksport), as both the road and race Caterham Supersport models are almost identical. Supersport introduces a new driving element with the addition of a limited-slip differential. Aside from the additional grip out of low speed corners, this provides a greater degree of control over the rear of the car with the throttle. To make the most of an LSD, more power is required and the Supersport engine is increased to 140bhp through more performance focused camshafts and a cold air intake system.

In line with the increased level of performance of both the car and the drivers, team support is allowed (but not mandatory) in the Caterham Supersport Championship. Please visit our motorsport teams page to see details of the offically recognised Caterham Motorsport teams.

Contact Details

Contact: Jennifer Mouratsing


Telephone: 01322 625813