Championship Profile


2010 saw the introduction of a Sigma-engined car in an otherwise identical specification to replace the hugely successful Rover k-series powered ‘Roadsport-A’. The Roadsport-A format had been so popular over the years that it seemed logical to stick with it and simply adopt the new engine coming through from Academy. Initially called Supersport in 2010 and 2011, the championship was renamed Tracksport for 2012. The modifications made to the Sigma engine at Roadsport level provide scope to increase the rev-limit on the engine from 6800rpm to 7200rpm. This requires a re-map of the ECU and new injectors to cope with the increased fuelling. The additional revs provide a modest increase in performance to make use of the aero benefits of running without a windscreen.

In line with the increased level of performance of both the car and the drivers, team support is allowed (but not mandatory) in the Caterham Tracksport Championship. Please visit our motorsport teams page to see details of the offically recognised Caterham Motorsport teams.

Contact Details

Contact: Jennifer Mouratsing


Telephone: 01322 625813