Championship Profile


The Tin Tops series is for 2 litre or under, 4 cylinder, Saloon and Hatchback cars of any age. No turbo/supercharged cars (except turbo diesels). With super grids and excellent driving standards the CSCC Tin Tops continues to thrive, with hot hatches and saloons of all ages battling it out for overall honours. Over the past couple of seasons overall race wins has been taken by cars from classes A, B, C and E. Races are 40 minutes with a mandatory pit stop. Entries can be 1 or 2 drivers sharing a car or a 2 car team, no extra charge for 2nd drivers. Class structure:

Class A: 1801cc to 2000cc (multi-valve) and all Turbo-Diesels

Class B: Renault Clio 2000c Class C: Ford Fiesta 2000cc

Class D: 1801cc to 2000cc (8V) and 1601cc to 1800cc (multi-valve)

Class E: 1601cc to 1800cc (8V) and 1401cc to 1600cc (multi-valve)

Class F: 1401cc to 1600cc (8V) and up to 1400cc (multi-valve)

Class G: Up to 1400cc (8V)

Class T: Taster

Contact Details

Contact: David Smitheram


Telephone: 01225 810655


Championship Information

Set of tyres: £200+

Testing Fee: £125+

Race entry: From £325 UK, £555 Spa

Other costs: Club membership £39 for 12 months, £99 series registration.

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