List your championship results with us!

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List your championship results with us!

The PRO-AM: our new dual publication. Catering more specifically for the professional and amateur spectrums, the PRO-AM Annuals will include your championship results in the relevant publication.


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The people who successfully brought you and the Clubman Annual for the last 5 years have now extended their reach – focusing mostly on Europe.

From 2017, Motorsport Days (MSD) will publish the Motorsport Days PRO – AM, which will reach a 40,000-wide readership. A first of its kind publication that showcases the best of professional and amateur motorsport, the PRO-AM will have a focus on championship results – ranging from Blancpain Series to to the VAG trophy.

MSD will produce 3 issues each year: the Professional Annual (PRO), the Amateur Annual (AM) and the PRO-AM Summer Edition. Each 100-page publication includes interviews with motorsport legends and the next generation of talent, in addition to the MSD Awards and a full listing of championship results.


MSD provides track enthusiasts and clubman racers with the industry’s most comprehensive listing of over 2,500 track and test days in Europe. Since its launch in 2012, MSD’s online users have been rapidly increasing and now attracts more than 32,000 page views a month, making it the most progressive and in-tune media platform in motorsport.

Our intuitive online platform makes it as simple as possible for our users to locate the track or test day that meets their exact requirements. To support this goal, Motorsport Days distributes a weekly e-newsletter to over 8,000 subscribers. In addition to up-and-coming events, the weekly e-newsletter includes the latest industry news, exclusive features and readers’ competitions.


Contact Details

Contact: Ben Whibley


Telephone: 01732 642 755

AM Annual 2017

Championship Information

The new style of AM will continue to showcase the sport with interviews, features and track guides. In addition to this, full championship results from clubs such as BARC, BRSCC, CSCC, 750 and MSVR, to name a few, will also be included.


PRO Annual 2017


Championship Information

MSD will extend its celebration of motorsport to the professional end of the spectrum by introducing the PRO in 2017. This includes global endurance and sprint races at the very top end of motorsport including race teams, championships and drivers themselves.