MSVR Trackday Trophy

Championship Profile

MSVR Trackday Trophy

Trackday Trophy is the official feeder series to the “UK Amateur Championship of the year” Trackday Championship, and runs a 30 minutes qualifying, 45 minute race format. The series offers those new or fairly new to racing the opportunity to develop their skills amongst like minded racers, while competing on the UK’s best circuits. 

Trackday Trophy races are designed for teams of two drivers (although solo entries are also welcomed) so that the costs of running the car can be shared. Classes are determined on a power-to-weight ratio to ensure a level playing field.

The series is promoted and run by MSV Trackday, (MSV’s Internal Track Day department), who organise more than 200 track day events annually, with support from MotorSport Vision Racing (MSVR). Trackday Trophy has been successfully introducing participants into entry level enduro-racing since 2011.

Contact Details

Telephone: 0843 453 3000