BRSCC Teekay Couplings MK2 Production GTI Championship

Championship Profile

BRSCC Teekay Couplings MK2 Production GTI Championship

Production GTI was born out passion for Motorsport and a drive to ensure that the racing is clean, fair and all cars are equal regardless of budget. Run by a racer for the racers, the emphasis and goal is to ensure that the the best financial deal achieved for all competitors whilst ensuring maximum time on track with at least amount of time away from home. The MK2 Golf GTI, now a true Iconic legend, is still proving to be one of the most popular race cars for drivers to race, seeing grids of over 30 cars throughout 2015. The introduction of a dedicated series for the MK5 Golf GTI in 2015 gathered huge interest amongst the racing fraternity and after a successful launch year with numbers growing at each round, it will become as successful as the MK2s in the next few years. ​The desire for more power is inbuilt into race car drivers and the MK5 platform provides that perfect stepping stone from the MK2’s. Even if you are after close, clean racing on a budget then Production GTI is the perfect platform to get your kicks, be it in the historic but still reliable MK2 or more modern but quicker MK5 Golf GTI.

Contact Details

Contact: Rob Sadler


Telephone: 07872 045061

The reliable, uncomplicated MK2 Golf GTI is a true motoring legend and is the choice of race car for the novice and seasoned professional alike. The cars ooze character and appeal, and still over 30 years on from when they left the production line remain on of the most rewarding and fun race cars to drive.

The Teekay Couplings MK2 Production GTI Championship was introduced to the BRSCC portfolio as a series in 2011. The iconic 1980s hatchbacks are divided in 2 classes, 16v and 8v models both in either 3 or 5 door variants.

Strictly enforced driving standards keep the focus of this club level championship on fun, safe, affordable racing, specifically designed to provide close, friendly and reasonably-priced racing for varying drivers from novice to seasoned veteran.

After being granted Championship status by the MSA in 2012 the Teekay Couplings MK2 Production GTI Championship is now firmly established as the one of the best single make saloon car championship’s in the UK and has grown from strength to strength with 2015 experiencing consistent grids of 30 cars.

Our ethos is safe and affordable racing. We are a non-profit making club run on behalf of the drivers. All surpluses are reinvested for the benefit of the drivers and the series. We focus on strict driving standards to ensure safe racing backed up by in-house policing of technical and driving regulations. We believe that these criteria are the back bone of a successful club level championship.

Championship Information

Average incident repair costs: £300

Set of tyres:£360

Testing Fee:£250

Race Entry round fee:£350

Club fees:£175