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Aaron Head

Caterham Supersport Champion Aaron Head has worked with a variety of experience levels over his career and knows how to tailor his tuition technique depending on the individual’s level of experience, confidence and ability to learn. Aaron can cater for every type of scenario.

Driver Coaching across the UK, Aaron can tailor packages to specifically suit your needs, from year-long tuition to guidance at specific tracks, on a one-to-one basis. From karting graduates to established single seater or sportscar drivers, Aaron’s unrivalled coaching expertise will help take your career to the next level.

Learn how you and your car work together allowing you to drive faster in a predictable and controlled manner. Learn how to understand and work with handling issues in a car by driving with key technique skills that are largely hidden underneath today’s more forgiving race cars.

Aaron’s clients are helped to understand the car and their influence on it first and foremost, whilst building confidence in driving at high speed. The training process, and indeed style, is very flexible to suit each individual client but is always geared to what you need at that stage in your driving. Aaron never loses sight of instilling certain key but often overlooked core principles that are easy to gloss over in modern race cars and with an inexperienced eye! Whether you are a genuine zero experience novice or a successful club racer with many seasons behind you, it is Aaron’s job to find ways to move you up a few notches and that includes balancing who you are and what you race, with what you want to get out of motorsport.

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