Simon Mason

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Specialist training in: Grade A ARDS Instructor, track and test day, demonstration/event driving

Areas Covered: Nationwide

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27 years in motorsport tuition from track day first-timers to world champions.

Serious driver training is built around observation, experience and articulation. Each driver is different, each car, tyre and track combination creates a different set of requirements and only experience can focus all these elements correctly and quickly.

Wherever possible I start by sitting alongside a client on track, when a level of consistency and self-awareness in car is found, video and data becomes the relevant tool for coaching. I can supply video and data acquisition equipment where required.

My experience stretches from running race cars and spending every penny I earned to go racing, right through to a factory-supported season in British GT and multiple big budget 24hr race wins. I have 3 championship titles alongside numerous other notable results in UK motorsport in a huge range of different cars and budget ranges which gives me a rare insight to both ends of motorsport.


A small taste of my track car experience:

Lamborghini Huracan GT3

Aston Martin GT4


Seat Supacopa

Large range of Porsche’s including Cups

Large range of BMW’s

Assorted Ginetta G40 models

Most Caterham models

Large range of Lotus models

VW Golf 16v

Mazda MX5 MK 1 and 3

Mini Challenge models

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I have benefitted from Simon’s tuition since moving from karts to cars in 2013. He combines an encyclopaedic knowledge of UK racetracks with a calm, thoughtful and analytical approach to teaching. His focus on developing a driver’s understanding of car behaviour and how to influence it allows lessons learnt at one corner to be applied more generally to other corners, tracks and cars."

Dan Gore, Caterham race winner