Droning Around

2nd August 2017

Drone technology has improved dramatically over the past 12 months and so Motorsport Days considers how these developments can be incorporated into an MSD Track Walk, helping a racer get a better understanding of a circuit and get that all-important edge over grid rivals.

Getting the best view of a circuit is always difficult. You either need to be in the grandstand or in a car. Even then though you are restricted to what you can see and learn. So, Motorsport Days decided to look into ways to help both the professional and amateur drivers and find a solution to this conundrum. The answer is a drone which is capable cruising at 100m above any corner, offering a bird’s eye view of the track.

Drones seem to be a buzz word now and easily accessible online. Although a drone for just a few 100 pounds doesn’t instantly make you capable of flying it, or capturing inspiring footage. For that you need an expert who has the required Civil Aviation Authority licence. Something else to consider is that flying a drone in public spaces or around machinery can be very dangerous and may require public liability insurance. That said, what can be learned

from this distance? Well, quite a lot actually. From up in the sky, all corners open up into a readable state. For example, the Paddock Hill Bend at Brands Hatch completely changes, allowing a driver to see various racing lines, gradients and grip. It allows you to view the run-off areas or marker points which are all important when trying to find those small margins we need as racers. MSD’s new Track Walks offer MSD’s new Track Walks offer even more. We’ve mixed the benefits of a drone with professional drivers, such as three-time British Touring Car (BTCC) Champion Matt Neal and fellow BTCC driver Jake Hill to explain how they achieve fast laps and racing on Europe’s most raced circuits. Every driver is different, but by creating a relaxed environment, a driver is more likely to reveal his or her enjoyment of a circuit and unlock areas that have been hidden to the most experienced drivers. In fact, MSD has been contacted by a variety of racers who have confirmed that these track walks have helped them improve on track. MSD will be continuing these track walks at circuits across Europe in 2017, so check out our website:www.motorsportdays.com – for more information.