Fastest lap around brands hatch – Autosport Show

28th January 2015

IMG_0704-1024x768We had a great response to the competition which involved our stand visitors having a hot lap around Brands Hatch on our simulator. We had varied lap times and experience of drivers from Andy Wilmot – BTCC Driver, Tom Brown – Ginetta racer and clubman racers all competing with competitive lap times. We used the BMW GT car which produced some seriously quick times around the Indy circuit but luckily not the really thing as the car was really put through its paces and many tire walls.

However there can only be one winner, Sam Brabham,congratulations. Sam is a third-generation racing driver; he is the son of David Brabham and he’s been racing karts to single seaters and now simulator can be added to his CV. A tough competition but it was extremely close with the top 10 within 1 second. What would the difference be in a real BMW GT?


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First Name Surname Lap Time
Sam Brabham 43.609
Karl Chard 43.676
Luke Wilkins 43.718
Jesper Pedersen 43.877
David Brabham 43.954
Ben Whibley 44.028
Harry Webb 44.127
martin buckley 44.154
Tom Brown 44.309
Matt Bell 44.703
Scott Norraisa 44.884
Richard Woolmer 44.89
Chris Pirro 44.896
Jordan Berwick 44.943
phill loughlin 45.027
Daniel Taylor 45.064
John Munro 45.088
Dylan Odonnel 45.106
Danny Winstanley 45.119
Mathew Hiles 45.119
Brendan Stacey 45.302
Duncan Cooper 45.427
Jon Voss 45.439
Chris Slator 45.701
Luke Middleton 45.756
emily matuszynski 45.921
Tony Genito 46.248
James foster 46.292
Andrew Wilmot Wilmot 46.402
Spencer Scaife 46.541
Dan Wilks 46.701
Daniel Sizer 46.709
Thomas Morkill 46.954
Cameron Korad 47.106
John X 47.108
Ash Willoughby 47.172
Alex Taylor 47.301
Simon Roud 47.496
George Stanford 47.838
Colton Harrison-Steel 48.011
Max Mennegler 48.028
Dylan Fowler-Bishop 48.057
Jose Ropero 48.113
Troy Swann 48.458
Paul Evans 48.713
Steven Atkinson 49.036
Gerwyn James 49.032
Niklas Garsdal 49.171
Martin Hansen 49.369
Patrik Jensen 49.369
Adam Gilbertson 49.688
Adam Cox 51.125
Shane Donaldson 51.689
Eric Harley 51.738
Joseph X 51.954
Tony Mitchell 52.096
Nigel Chrisman 53.234
Morgan Gray 53.399
phill Turner 54.001




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