MSD Garage Workshop

Improve your mechanical knowledge, learn how to setup to your own car and make improvements on track

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After many enquiries asking for such a workshop, we are now delighted to offer this service in a collaborative venture with Scott Automotive, in an informative and enjoyable atmosphere. We plan to add more dates soon, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.

MSD Garage Workshop

Divided into Beginners/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced, the Garage Workshop caters for all levels and offers insight into the basics of vehicle mechanics, improvements to safety, and general knowledge from industry professionals who can help you improve on track.

Our workshops are held at Scott Automotive in Suffolk, who have been offering expert services since 1996. The day consists of a workshop format, with to 25 people around a vehicle, plus sit down discussions and Q&A. Prices start from as little as £65.

The MSD Garage Workshop offers track and test day advice for car preparation, maintenance, setup, racing lines from our instructors, plus what dangers you should look out for.

Location: Unit 15, Park Farm, Herringswell, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6SR

Should you have any questions, please click here to contact us.


Michael Andrews“A great and professionally run day. I’ve managed to increase my knowledge on track day preparation far more than I thought. I’m going to do the next workshop.”

Thomas Watson“I learnt a lot about on-track and race weekends. I forgot how much I already knew and this really helped teach us all areas, including on track instruction, which was useful too. A really good day and thoroughly recommend. Top notch.”

Christian Allebone“It was a good day, I learnt a lot, including that I really need to give another Caterham a go! Those guys at Scott do some very impressive, skilful work.”




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Includes Breakfast or Lunch and refreshments

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Includes Breakfast, Lunch and refreshments

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Morning 9.15am – 12.30pm

Ideal for new to racing or track day users

  • Track and test day preparation for car, trailer, tools and equipment
  • On track basic setup – Tyre temperatures, degradation, pre track checks
  • Fluid servicing – brakes and coolant
  • “Spanner check” demo
  • What to look for – damages and worn parts

Classroom format

  • Technical and instructor Q&A open floor discussion
  • Instruction on 2 circuits by our resident instructor
  • On track advice – other drivers, marker boards


Afternoon 1.30pm – 4.15pm

Ideal for competitors and regular track day users

  • Adjustable Suspension setup – Corner Weights
  • Rake, Camber and Caster explained
  • Vehicle heights and changes explained
  • “Spanner check” demo
  • Hints and tips on setup for UK circuits

Classroom format

  • Car maintenance on and off track
  • Technical and instructor Q&A Open Floor Discussion
  • Instruction for 2 circuits by our resident instructor
  • What to look for – damages and worn parts