23rd June 2016


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EVERYONE loves a bit of friendly rivalry, right? Now here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is and prove it as car track days have just got serious at Rockingham.

The Northamptonshire circuit is adding a competitive edge to its car track days with the launch of the new Brag Attack Shoot-out Competition on Saturday, July 2.

Brag Attack is being billed as the driving challenge to end all banter and finally give those who think they are the best behind the wheel to prove it but now here’s the twist. Unlike a sprint, Brag Attack is not about speed, instead consistency will determine the winner!

So here’s how it works. Following Saturday morning’s timed practice session on Rockingham’s 1.94-mile International Super Sportscar Circuit, drivers will review their timings and nominate a lap-time, which they then must match during two three-lap heats.

This is where it gets interesting. For every tenth of a second under or over their nominated lap-time, the drivers will be penalised in the form of a point system. So the less points you have the better. It’s as simple as that!

The top 20 drivers with the least points will go through to Sunday’s (July 3) final, where they will have to do it all again as part of the Rockingham 100 race event in front of the crowds, to see who will be crowned the 2016 Brag Attack champion.

Rockingham’s Track Day Co-ordinator, Will Thomas, said: “This is more than just another track day and it’s not about having the fastest car out there, it’s about proving you have the ability to lap not only quickly but also consistently.

“It doesn’t matter if you drive a MINI or a Ferrari, the 2016 Brag Attack title could be yours. And what other event gives you the opportunity to be a part of an official race meeting without obtaining a race licence. It’s going to be a blast!”

Brag Attack is open to anyone with a full road licence and entry is just £245 per car which includes all the timing equipment you’ll need to take part. Drivers will receive a full safety briefing covering everything from track rules, driving techniques and familiarisation laps.

Rockingham’s ARDS instructors will be on hand to offer some friendly tips or alternatively 20-minute one-to-one tuition sessions can be booked in advance for additional cost of £30. Pit garages and helmet hire is also available.

For more information about this event or track days in general, or to book a place contact Will Thomas on 01536 270143 or alternatively visit www.rockingham.co.uk. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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