Hot Hatch – It’s Back!

29th January 2016


The 750 Motor Club are pleased to announce the return of Hot Hatch for the 2016 season, as well as a partnership with Royal Purple high performance lubricants. As one of the most competitive and exciting formulas of modern-era club racing, the dedicated home for modified hatchbacks has been on hiatus from the extensive 750 Motor Club line-up since 2009, and the revived Royal Purple Hot Hatch Series is set to improve on its previous incarnation by introducing classes separated by power to weight ratios.

The revised formula has divisions at 260, 200 and 150bhp/ton in order to control costs and offer a level playing field, with strict policing ensured via the use of dedicated MAHA test centres and the Club’s own mobile rolling road at events. In addition to providing an attainable entry class for less powerful cars and competitors looking to take their first steps in circuit racing, the formula also offers an invaluable home for purpose built racecars and a scalable ladder for those wishing to develop year-on-year.

Regulations for all classes dictate a naturally aspirated production car engine from the vehicle manufacturer, with standard suspension layouts and running on MSA List 1A/1B/1C tyres. Although 4WD is not permitted, both front and rear-wheel-drive hot hatchbacks are welcomed, and sequential gearboxes are permitted in Class A. Non-hatchback cars of a similar layout may also be accepted at the organisers’ discretion.

Registration for the Royal Purple Hot Hatch Series is now open at and entries are set to include everything from classic Minis to ex-Clio Cup cars, Ford Fiesta STs and modified BMW Compacts. There are 14 rounds in the 2016 season across seven double header weekends, with the inaugural round at Donington Park on 19th/20th March.

The Royal Purple Hot Hatch Series will run at the following 750 Motor Club race weekends:

  • Donington Park (National) – 19th/20th March
  • Silverstone (National) – 7th May Mallory Park – 12th June
  • Snetterton 300 – 25th/26th June Cadwell Park – 6th/7th August
  • Rockingham – 11th September
  • Donington Park (GP) – 1st/2nd October

Full regulations can be found at

For more details please contact the 750 Motor Club on 01332 814548, or email:

  • Giles Groombridge – Competitions Manager-
  • James Winstanley – Communications Manager –

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