Junior Saloon Car Championship/Teenage Cancer Trust Scholarship Event 2016

17th December 2015


The Junior Saloon Car Championship (JSCC) allows young drivers to get out of karts, grass tracking etc. and into cars. It offers drivers between the ages of 14 and 17 the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a full size JSCC race car and compete on national circuits at a fraction of the cost of other comparable championships. JSCC has completed a very successful second season this year with healthy grid numbers and excellent driving standards resulting in safe but competitive racing.

On 17th– 18th February 2016 JSCC will be hosting a scholarship event at Silverstone, which will result in one lucky junior entrant receiving a comprehensive scholarship package that will enable them to compete for a full season in the JSCC 2016 Championship.

JSCC will also be launching its fundraising initiative in association with the Teenage Cancer Trust at the event. The scholarship winner’s car will be in Teenage Cancer Trust livery and will help promote the charity at events throughout the UK. Plus all championship competitors will have a role to play in raising awareness and monies for the trust. Proceeds from the scholarship event will be donated to the trust and further sponsorship encouraged to maximise fundraising potential.

The cost to enter the scholarship is just £395, entrants do not require an ARDS licence and do not have to possess any previous race experience. The competition will be held over 2 days and applicants will complete a range of activities including a fitness assessment, a media test, pitstop challenge and on track tuition as well as expert advice from key members of the motorsport community. It is the intention of JSCC for all competitors to walk away with something positive from the event, this may be improved driving skills from expert track tuition, the ability to promote themselves more effectively for future sponsorship opportunities or a new friendship.

The ultimate goal for this scholarship event, as well as providing a lucky junior with the chance to progress their motor sport career, is for all entrants to have fun with like minded teenagers at the iconic Silverstone circuit, whilst helping the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Throughout the 2016 season all JSCC championship competitors will have a role to play in raising awareness and monies for the trust. The synergy between the charity and the championship lends itself to educating teenagers to be aware that cancer can affect their generation too, bearing in mind 7 young people are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK. Plus all important team effort is encouraged for fundraising activities in the race paddock and at home.

Further information on how to enter the scholarship can be found at http://juniortouringcars.co/scholarship

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