12th March 2015


Virtual motor racing simulation league Pitlanes.com has become an official partner of the Michelin Clio Cup Race Series and Road Series, with the championship’s cars, liveries and driver and team names set to be featured as part of the hugely popular ‘rFactor 2’ online platform.

Created by Michigan-based Image Space Incorporated, rFactor 2 is one of the world’s very best and most realistic racing simulations and developers from ISI are currently producing precise replicas of the Michelin Clio Cup Series cars – including all of the official championship logos.

Following the opening event of the 2015 Michelin Clio Cup Race Series and Road Series season at Rockingham in April, Pitlanes.com racers will be able to download and utilise all of the liveries from the cars registered for the physical championship.

One of the most exciting aspects of the link-up with Pitlanes.com will be the opportunity for the sim racers to pit their skills against some of the drivers from the Michelin Clio Cup Series, who will all be invited to take part in the online contests… should they wish to put their reputations on the line!

“The car is a carbon-copy of the actual racing Clio”, explains Marc Harris of Pitlanes.com, “I’ve driven real racing cars on track and as far as I’m concerned, rFactor 2 is as good as you will get. There isn’t another sim which replicates the actual feel of a racing car as well, you get the real racing thrill.

“There are no restrictions either. People can make their own content, add their own tracks, and they can then be used in the game. Any tracks added, though, are checked to make sure they are realistic and as close to the real thing as possible with the layout and track surface. We really are delighted to be officially associated with the Michelin Clio Cup Series, it’s a fantastic partnership.”

Open to competitors from across the globe, all anyone needs to be able to become part of the sim racing community at Pitlanes.com is a reasonably modern computer, coupled to a steering wheel and pedal set – the latter able to be purchased for as little as £25.

Access to rFactor 2 is priced at just £28, a one-off fee which will provide access to all cars and tracks which feature in the actual championship. The virtual season will mirror the real series as closely as possible, with the online races set to take place on the Friday evening of each race weekend.

The top three finishers at the end of the Pitlanes.com league season will be guests of the Michelin Clio Cup Series for the standalone Autumn Cup event at Rockingham on Saturday, 17th October, while the sim racing champion will also enjoy a ‘hot lap’ in the championship Safety Car.

Commenting on the tie-up, Michelin Clio Cup Series promoter Simon North said: “This promises to be a lot of fun as well as a fantastic chance to promote the Michelin Clio Cup Race Series and Road Series to a new audience. The most intriguing aspect of it will be when any of our competitors get involved with some of the online races. We’re delighted to partner with Pitlanes and rFactor 2.”

For more information and details, visit http://www.pitlanes.com/michelincliocup

Along with headline sponsors Michelin and Protyre, the Clio Cup Series is additionally supported by Ferodo and Safety Devices with further support for the Road Series from Monster Sport Europe.

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