MSD Simulator – Fastest lap around Brands Hatch competition

20th January 2016

Thanks to all of the visitors who came to our stand at the Autosport International Show. Who not only picked up a copy of the MSD Clubman Annual but also entered our competition to win a FREE track day. We had over 250 people enter by using the MSD simulator to achieve the fastest time around Brands Hatch in a BMW GT. No driver aids or more than 3 laps allowed. If this was a real test the insurance claim would have been sky high and Jonathan Palmer would not of enjoyed fixing the circuit.

There was a mix of drivers competing and the time setter for most of the 4 days was Tom Ingram, British Touring Car driver. His time of 44.642 was hard to beat although the “44 Second Club” was just 4 drivers including Daniel Taylor and Callum Brewell who produced talented drives. The impressive winner was clubman driver Alex Moulds who just got the perfect lap and takes victory and wins the first competition of the season.

Could it be beaten? We think so and challenge you to have a go next year.

MSD-Simulator-1 Tom-Ingram-Motorsport-Days MSD-Simulator-David-Birrell MSD-Simulator


Alex Moulds 44.642
Tom Ingram 44.761
Callum Brewell 44.983
Daniel Taylor 44.99
Andy O’neill 45.11
Koen 45.145
Jack O 44.979
Area Motorsport 45.408
Damian Hirst 45.535
Ed White 45.567
Martin Buchan 45.603
Joao Beato 45.805
Ryan Mackie 45.938
Mark Westaway 45.944
Tukasz Stankiewicz 46.454
Daniel Shuffell 46.47
Ryan Oust 46.458
Jamie Henderson 46.524
Oly Bromley 46.793
Liam 46.878
Mike 47.06
Castle Combe 47.063
Carlos 47.203
Stuart Folkes 47.295
Michael Walton 47.316
John Provost 47.212
SA Jordan 47.521
Samuel Field 47.603
Charlie Knox 47.186
Tom Rodgers 47.377
Alex S-Smith 47.461
Aaron Canliffe 47.679
Kyle Russell 47.718
Dave Buky 47.741
Jordan 47.977
Jamie Thompson 48.155
Luke Sinclair 48.265
Dan Ryle 48.578
James 48.605
Michael Whitting 49.396
Mike Evans 49.305
Joshua Lade 49.411
Michael Boak 49.563
Laurence Akinson 49.565
S Ravenscroft 49.833

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