11th February 2016


Snetterton owner MSV has carried out an extensive programme of improvements to the venue in time for the 2016 season.

The improvements have been focussed on run-off areas, designed to reduce impact damage to vehicles and reduce stoppage time during race events, testing and trackdays. In addition, enhanced drainage will increase safety and track time during periods of inclement weather conditions.

Snetterton Circuit Manager, Jamie Hopper said:

We have replaced all of the Armco and posts from the Bridge to the run-off area for Nelson corner, re-grading the banking to lessen the angle of impact with the barrier, reducing potential damage to both the Armco and vehicles. This should also reduce stoppage time needed to carry out repairs.

“We have also replaced the whole section of Armco from Bombhole exit to Coram exit and have increased the amount of barrier faced with soft slick tyres. And we’ve changed the angle of impact in a couple of places here to reduce potential damage to vehicles and barriers.

“We’ve also improved drainage and increased the amount of grassguard on the run-off arears at Nelson, Agostini and Bombhole corners.”



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