New for 2018! Novice and Road Car Track Days at Three Sisters

22nd March 2018

Get on track and learn about your car – and yourself!

Let’s face it – You simply cannot drive fast on the public roads – it’s dangerous, morally wrong, there is a high risk of injuring other people or yourself, maybe damaging your car, and of course there are cameras everywhere these days.

Three Sisters Circuit is the perfect venue to learn the art of track driving and experience the thrill of driving your own car at speed while exploring its capabilities in a safe, controlled and relaxed environment.

Race cars* are not allowed on our track days, so novice track drivers are under no pressure from cars of widely different characteristics on the circuit with novices. We also limit the number of cars on the circuit to 10, so there’s plenty of space to have fun without worrying about other cars.

These events are the perfect introduction to track day driving and are aimed at drivers who have little or no circuit driving experience.

Our first Road Car Track Day is on Monday 19th March 2018 and is being run on a Monday once a month throughout the year (with the exception of May and September). To find out more and reserve your space please visit our website; or contact our sales team on 01942 719030.