OFFICIAL BTCC Driver Jake Hill Track Guide to Brands Hatch

10th August 2016

“The camber is opposite to the way you’re travelling, so if you get on the curb all it wants to do is push you away from it. So in actual fact it’s not helping you at all in terms of getting the absolute maximum performance out of the car, and out of the line that you’re taking. You want to just try and hug the white line, and therefore the camber’s in your favour and therefore it’ll hug you into the corner more” – Jake Hill, Druids Corner.

IT’S LIVE: The official Brands Hatch Track Guide with Jake Hill is now available!

Captured on film by a drone, the walk highlights the most demanding areas of the Brands Hatch Indy, such as Paddock Hill Bend and Druids Corner.

1.00 – Paddock Hill Bend
3.17 – Druids Corner
5.50 – Graham Hill Bend
8.25 – Surtees Corner
10.24 – Clearways Corner
14.43 – Jake Hill’s lap in the Lotus

More tracks to follow soon.

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