Race Report: Toyo BRSCC Porsches, Silverstone, 17-18 Oct 2015

21st October 2015


The Toyo Tires BRSCC Porsche Championship was concluded over three races on the Silverstone International circuit. Although the 924 and Class B Boxster titles had already been decided, the Class A Boxsters were still open to contention.

A red flag after a spin by Mark Marshall unfortunately collected James Coleman, who’d delivered a season-best 5th place, put a slight dent in the already reduced qualifying session on Saturday morning. A considerable number of cars lost laps apparently due to exceeding track limits but the grid was re-issued after the series Clerk Andy Holley had consulted with the timekeepers.

Richard Avery led the session with Adam Southgate around a 1/4 second behind. Jayson Flegg was on the pace too having missed several rounds due to damage. Adam Croft landed another 924 pole with the returning Simon Hawksley in 2nd and Philip Waters, having recovered from sciatica, in third.

The damage to the rear of Mark Marshall’s car was such that he didn’t make it to the grid of the first race.

A massive race-long battle between Ed Hayes, Richard Avery, Jayson Flegg and Adam Southgate kept the crowd on tender hooks in Race 1, with the lead changing almost by lap. Southgate led from the off until lap 9 when Flegg got through on the run down from Stowe, Avery joining him by lap 10. With three laps left, Avery grabbed the lead to finish on the top step, but successive track limits infringements ultimately left Flegg with a 10-second penalty robbing him of a season-best P2. Garry Lawrence suffered a similar fate leaving him an uncharacteristic 7th. By contrast James Coleman had a fantastic race after showing great form in qualifying, taking the number double-zero 986 to 4th. Waved yellows at Farm were missed by Andy Hack and he was subsequently excluded.

Racing wasn’t so close in the 924s with Adam Croft pulling away into an increasing lead over Simon Hawksley with Philip Waters having recovered well from an early spin. An early collision between Jamie Callender and Linda Warren left Linda’s car with front-left suspension damage but it was Jamie who was forced to retire on lap 8 with an electrical issue. Karl Rossin kept close on Alfred Piesinger’s tail but Alfred eventually pulled away to finished fourth behind Niz El-Chamaa.

Adam Southgate was first away from the lights in Race 2, which started after two green flag laps in drizzly rain, putting the track at its most challenging. He pulled ahead far enough to avoid serious challenge.

Jayson Flegg was in a podium position when he spun out and spent the rest of the race battling through the pack to finish a very creditable 5th.

After four laps a slight change of conditions caught a few of the Boxster drivers out and Andy Hack slid wide into the gravel at Vale. With insufficient momentum he was stuck and the unlucky Garry Goodwin caught the back of Hack’s car, trashing the right front. The safety car was deployed while the marshals towed out both cars and although Hack tried a re-join he found the car too badly damaged to finish and retired.

Ed Hayes avoided the carnage to take third, thus sealing his place at the top of the Class A Boxters table for the season. Nick Hull defended his 2nd position flawlessly, keeping Gary Lawrence at bay to land a season best spot on the second step of the podium.

In the 924s, Niz El-Chamaa played a very defensive game, successfully keeping Adam Croft at bay for 13 laps to take the class win. Simon Hawksley was a little way back with Philip Waters right on his tail battling for the last podium spot.

Race 3 saw slightly dryer conditions. Andy Hack’s team found the Race 2 incident had damaged his hydraulic clutch line and unusually spares were not available in the paddock. Having got a great start, Garry Lawrence was on schedule for his first win of the season and was starting to pull away – but behind him, his team mate and biggest rival Richard Avery had his eye on a top step in the last race of the season and wasn’t about to let Lawrence walk away with P1. Newly crowned champion also made it passed Lawrence to take 2nd.

James Coleman had a coming together with Adam Southgate among a cluster of Boxsters at Vale, spinning the latter who rejoined after most of the other Class As had got through. Southgate was eventually to retire though after a lower suspension arm failure. Nick Hull had a braking issue at the same corner, his 987 ploughing straight on into the gravel trap. Mark Marshall also called it quits after it because obvious his #10 986 had a serious suspension misalignment, the car crabbing down the pit lane as he came in.

Adam Croft was another man determined to finish his already succesful season on a high and stretched his lead away from the chasing Philip Waters. By contrast Karl Rossin knew that he needed to finish the race to jump Alastair Kirkham’s points to take 2nd in the 924 Championship. Nizar El-Chamaa’s chances of a 3rd place finish in the table had already been thwarted by penalty points received earlier in the year.

And so three races at the home of the British F1 race brought our season to a close. Everyone in the Championship would like to extend their gratitude to all of our sponsors, particularly Toyo Tires UK, the ever-present Jasmine Porshalink, and Fine Drinks Cooperative for supplying our fastest lap awards. We also thank our series clerk Andy Holley and scrutineer Tom Williams (absent this last round due to flu) and all of the BRSCC back room staff. And finally, but of massive importance to all motorsport in the UK, the orange army of marshals who give their time to keep us safe.

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