What you stand to learn with MotorsportDays.LIVE

1st June 2017


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Launched last month, 2018’s MotorsportDays.LIVE is unique in that it is a motorsport exhibition aimed solely at the professional market.

But even professionals operating at the top of their game can still benefit immensely from learning. To that effect, making use of the facilities in Silverstone’s Wing, the event will make use of industry professionals to impart their wisdom.

In conjunction with our partners The Motorsport Collective – the motorsport industry’s professional networking club – throughout both days of the event, panels of industry experts will discuss a range of fascinating industry topics.

Open to all ticket holders, attendees can engage in an open Q&A session with our experts to take away practical, invaluable advice from those in-the-know.

Topics discussed will cover all aspects of racing but can be broadly split into three sections:
– Firstly, finance- sponsorship, accountancy and marketing, including the use and promotion of social media.
– Secondly, driver orientated- looking at the psychological and fitness side of racing

– Finally, the driving itself- honing in on technical setup, race tuition and the growing importance of simulator training.

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