“The older we get the faster we were“ – Stirling Moss

29th March 2016


“The older we get the faster we were“ which will ring true with most I’m sure and Stirling Moss OBE, who is widely recognised as the greatest all-round racing driver in the history of motorsport echo’s this point.

“In one’s youth fast cars, beautiful ladies and parties made for an exhilarating life. However, the camaraderie of fellow drivers and our mechanics was another essential element which contributed to make each race meeting a fulfilling experience. With increasing years one can look back on those days with fond memories whilst still being aware that although the ladies are still beautiful one’s comrades are showing distinct signs of requiring refurbishment and sadly a few have disappeared off into the undergrowth never to be seen again.”

Moss, president of the Old Farts Racing group, which is represented by nearly every discipline of motorsport from marshals and time keepers to sprinters, hill climbers, rally drivers and circuit racers.

“To most individuals this would be considered to be an insult and question one’s competence in a number of departments. However far from being an insult, to be asked to be the President of Old Farts Racing turned out to be an honour.”

The new book has been foreword by Moss as a creation of over 42 pages of poems by the very members with all proceeds going to charity for ill children.

So put your hand in your pocket and part with a hard earned £16.50 to help some very ill children.


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