Charity – Little Tommy’s Big Day Out

Little Tommy’s Big Day Out 2019 is back for its 3rd year and is again helping children affected with Microcephalic Osteodysplastic Primordial Dwarfism. The charity Walking With Giants looks after the families and kids who live with this incredibly rare condition and helps them to reach their full potential in life through support, communication and research.


The basic facts of the day are as follows:

A full day on track at Goodwood Motor Circuit on 4th December 2019

This is a 98db static limit with a 96db drive by day

Sessioned 4x per hour, 10 cars minimum on track, 40 cars maximum for the day

Lunch included and tea, coffee served all day

£200 for a full day on track

Approx 90% of this fee goes directly to helping the children affected with MOPD

Additional drivers and passengers £30 and includes lunch


Time table:

Briefing time 08:25

Track open 09:00

Lunch 12:00 – 13:00

Track closes 16:00


Other info of the day:

Lots of fun things to do on the day for everyone including family and friends of drivers so please bring people with you.

These include:

Rides and drives around the circuit in classic and modern sports cars from             £20

Skid pan ride and drives in a new BMW on a purpose built low grip surface            £20

Rides and drives around an off road course in 1960s Series II Land Rovers               £20

Massage with a deep tissue therapist                                                                                      £10 minimum

Cake for Charity

All of the above is paid on the day (cash only please) Minimum age of 14 for rides in cars on skid pan and circuit, minimum of 5 Years of age in classic Land Rovers

Goodwood Revival Actors causing chaos as always

A café is open on site for those who have not booked lunch with us


Link to the Facebook info page (this has a “Book Now” button)

Link to the Just Giving booking page

Email us at to confirm your slot once you have paid via Just Giving