Driving Fun Trackdays

On January 31, 2006, just before midnight, the Driving Fun website went online. It is now known as the largest track day organiser in the Netherlands, with around 100 events at home and abroad every year. In addition, to track days, there are also incentives, racing courses and other fun events where driving fun is central.

“The special thing about Driving Fun is that the company originated from an online community,” says co-founder and director Peter Tunissen. “We started out as an internet forum, with just over 40 members the first day we went live. At the time, we wanted to organize fun events with a group of car enthusiasts who felt the need to drive. ” The fun with cars was already central, hence the name. Nowadays, for example, online booking tools and Facebook events are used, but via a forum, you could keep each other well informed. The popularity of Driving Fun increased and after a few small-scale events, the focus shifted to track driving.

In short, whether you are a private individual with a gift voucher to be allowed to drive on the circuit or a company that wants to organize an incentive, mix with the die-hard circuit drivers who have already found Driving-Fun. At the end of the day, everyone goes home with a big smile, that is always our goal.