Three Sisters

Test your driving skills and your car’s performance here at Three Sisters Circuit. Car Track Days are an increasingly popular way to find out just how well your car performs within the safe confines of an MSA licensed race circuit. To be clear, this is not a competitive sport – racing other drivers is not allowed. However, it is an opportunity to meet like-minded car and driving enthusiasts excited by the opportunity to put their car through its paces.

Car Track days are the next step up from Track Attack days and differ in that they run on an ‘all-day’ basis from 9am to 5pm. They need to be pre-booked, and they run in sessions according to the type of car and experience of the driver as follows:

  • Novice
  • Road-Car
  • Track-Day Car

There are no restrictions on speed, but drivers must abide by the track regulations which will be fully explained in a driver’s safety briefing. There could be up to ten cars on track at the same time, so drivers must drive within their ability and be mindful of any other cars that might be around them.

If you have little or no circuit driving experience, the Novice group is the perfect introduction to track-day driving. Your car needs to be road legal and have a current MOT.

For those drivers that have taken part a few track days and have some circuit experience, the Road-Car group will be the best fit. Your car needs to be road legal and have a current MOT.

Our new Track-Day Car group is for what it says on the tin: purpose built track cars or high performance cars that do not require a MOT …BUT they must be well maintained and be capable of operating safely at the speeds that will be achieved.

Drivers need to make sure their arms and legs are covered at all times whilst on track. They must also wear a full-face helmet, which can be hired on the day if necessary.

Drive your own car to our track and bring along family and friends as it makes for a great day out. There’s always plenty to see, with a wide range of cars on display, some of which come from overseas – it can be quite an event!