Hire or drive your own

28th February 2015

If you are using your own car – great, it will be a thrill to feel it put through its paces, but you will get heavy tyre wear and use petrol like you wouldn’t believe. Make sure there is nothing that will move about inside the cockpit or boot and clear out the internal compartments. Also, make sure you have light and comfortable driving clothes and a pair of light driving shoes. Race boots will help but are not essential.

Take a few tools – wheel brace, tyre gauge and spare oil are essential. Make sure your towing eye is attached.

If you’re hiring a car, so much the better, just about everything you need will be someone else’s problem. Some track day organisers hire out their cars and provide instruction. If you are keen to get into track days, it’s probably the best way to start. It gives you the chance to try it without risking your pride and joy but will be more expensive. Companies to try include Book a Track and BHP.

Remember you can insure your car for track days – costs vary from about £80 to £400.

Arrive early, be rested, it’s knackering mentally and physically. Don’t eat too much and drink water a little at a time. You can’t pull over for a pee, but too little water and you will dehydrate.