On circuit

28th February 2015

On Circuit

When you arrive at the circuit, sign on early and make sure you have your driving license with you. Most organisers now accept just the photocard part but it’s always a good idea to take both parts with you. Fill in and sign the agreement and disclaimer forms before you get there. These are usually emailed to you with your booking. It saves time when signing in, as it is often very busy.

Get the car prepared before the drivers’ briefing, as when it finishes you may be out on track within minutes and you don’t want to waste precious track time. Check tyre pressures and the oil and make sure you have a full tank of petrol. There will be a drivers’ briefing about half an hour before the track opens. Pay attention to the person giving the brief and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand anything. The others will doubtless be pleased you did to save them asking!!

If there are instructors available, USE THEM. Some organisers offer it as a service, others will make a small charge of about £25. It will be worth it no matter how good you are. Enjoy, relax and stay alert at all times in the car and the pit lane. I have seen people crash even after the chequered flag has ended a session!!

Don’t worry too much if it rains. Just stay off the curbs and do all gear changes and braking smoothly – it will be fine.

Generally, you will need to be over 16, but age is no barrier. I was at a track day recently with a 70-year-old and his Dad was driving!!

Last bit of advice: stay on the black stuff!