Novice Track Day Tips

Many racing enthusiasts still arrive at track and test days without all the essentials, so here at MSD we’ve put together a short list of must-haves to help you make sure you aren’t caught out on the day. Most of this can be bought on a budget from the usual retail stores or online, and it can all fit neatly into a box, making it easy to transport and store either at the track or at home.

Tools and spares

  • Gaffa tape – holds most cars together, but useful for taping bodywork or the handbrake down.
  • Towels, wipes and window cleaner – if the car in front sprays you with dirt, it goes without saying that you’re going to need to wipe it off.
  • Funnel and jerry can – some track day organisers charge if you run out on track, so make sure you’re well prepared.
  • Torque wrench/wheel brace – basic safety, make sure the wheels are tightened up correctly.
  • Latex gloves – not crucial, but useful if you don’t want dirty hands all day.
  • 2 x axel stands and jack – an important piece of kit if you have an excursion and need to check under the car.
  • Foot pump and tyre pressure gauge – simple setup, but crucial to make sure temperature is working evenly.
  • Spanner set and screwdrivers – if you do any last-minute checks or have an incident, you will be grateful you have these with you.
  • Fluids, oil and brake fluid – most checks will be done at home, but you might need these on track if you run the oils low.


  • MOT suitable for track – make sure the car is safe and presentable.
  • Fuel – as above, fill up and be aware of the gauge.
  • Towing eye – just in case; you don’t want them pulling your car from the bumper.
  • Car empty from spare wheel, rubbish – make sure you’re not hit by any debris in the car.


  • Helmet – crucial and can be cheap; don’t be tempted to use a bike helmet.
  • Gloves – help grip the steering wheel better.
  • Racing boots – racing boots are specially designed to be thinner and grip the pedal better.
  • Racing suit – not necessarily essential, but certainly recommended for open cockpit cars.