Three Sisters - Three Sisters Race Circuit

Monday 14 October 2019

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£ 89
Track: Three Sisters Race Circuit
Track Day Organiser: Three Sisters
Circuit Layout: Full Circuit
Session Type: SESSIONED
Restrictions: Static: 105db(A), Drive by: 98db (A)
Requirements: Novice Road-Car Track-Day Car.
Skill Level:
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Notes: Café onsite. Free parking. Want to have fun in your car?
...then get on circuit at Three Sisters! You will run in your own group, be that Novice, Road-Car or Track-Day Car, so there is no need for drivers to feel under any pressure from faster or even slower cars on circuit. We also limit the number of cars on circuit to ten, so there’s plenty of space to have fun without worrying about other vehicles.

If you have little or no circuit driving experience, the Novice group is the perfect introduction to track-day driving. Your car needs to be road legal and have a current MOT.

For those drivers that have taken part a few track days and have some circuit experience, the Road-Car group will be the best fit. Your car needs to be road legal and have a current MOT.

Our new Track-Day Car group is for what it says on the tin: purpose built track cars or high performance cars that do not require a MOT ...BUT they must be well maintained and be capable of operating safely at the speeds that will be achieved. Event Format
8:00 - 8:15: Sign-on and noise testing.
8:30 - 8:45: Driver briefing.
9:00: Sighting laps.
Track Day Type: Track Day Car Day
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