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David Walley – Porsche 997 GT3

The newly tarmacked Anglesey circuit has some breathtaking views (even while driving). As you drift around Peel corner, the view of the Irish Sea is spectacular. The TV series 5th Gear used the circuit for “shoot outs”, which shows how demanding this circuit can be with Tiff Needell thrashing factory cars around.

Needless to say, in Wales it’s normally wet, but there’s a surprising amount of grip. However, for a dry lap the first corner appears tight, although this opens up quickly leaving you thinking you can go quicker than is actually possible.

The banking at Bookatrack corner can be taken very deep in the wet, but in the dry keep central and there’s no need to apex the corner. The next left is a slight lift to get the nose in and head uphill to the Rocket complex. Make sure all braking is done before you reach the crest of the hill otherwise you will run wide. Keep to the right and hug the curb just missing the tyres on the side. This then leads to Peel with the great views, but concentrate as this heads back down before the left-hander, which makes the car run wide, so slow on the power.

Down the Tom Pryce Straight to the Hairpin, which can be taken late on the brakes, but slow on the throttle again ready for the long straight back. Then it’s the last corner where your turning point is the service road on the right, and clip the apex to run wide to finish the lap.

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