Ascari Race Resort

Upcoming Track Days - Ascari Race Resort

Date Circuit / Layout Organiser Cost
July 2019
+ Sunday
14 July 2019
Ascari Race Resort
Private: 7 Race Series
Session Type: Sessioned
Restrictions: 1600cc
Requirements: Cars

The day will be split into three sessions;

- 7 Race Series cars

- exclusive cars (>€50,000 - €100,000 value)

- super exclusive cars (>€100,000 value)
Track Day Type: Track Day Car Day


Carretera de Campillos (A-367), Km. 30
5, 29400 Ronda

5 day weather Forecast

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Ascari Race Resort - Track Guide

Ascari is located near Ronda (Malaga), in an area of incomparable natural beauty. The facility has been designed to indulge the needs of motorsport lovers, as well as to cater to private corporate events and promotional presentations. To this end, the highest quality of facilities and service is underpinned by truly personalised attention.
Ascari was conceived with real passion, and crafted in an exclusive but informal style, with respect for both the landscape and the environment a major consideration.