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Bilster Berg Drive Resort - Track Guide

Bilster Berg is a brand new track completed in 2013 and built over an old army base. It has been designed as a drive resort, similar in style and ambience to a Golf Resort. It is meticulously maintained with a high-end appeal. Only 3 hours from the Nurburgring, the track holds regular track days throughout the year.

What makes this 4,2km long track so entertaining is the fact that it has fantastic flowing sections connecting to steep drops and climbs on perfect tarmac where blind corners, jumps, decreasing radius turns and tight switch-backs all throw what the track has at you! These multitude of varying corners keep you coming back for more each lap to learn the lines…what makes this great, is that this track is challenging for both slow cars and fast race cars so no matter what you pitch up with, you will have some serious fun!


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