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Jamie Stanley –

Cadwell is just off the A153 between Louth & Horncastle. From the south, leave the A1 at Grantham and take the A153 all the way to the track. From the north, take the A18/A16 to Louth, then the circuit is 7 miles south on the A153.

Coppice is a very fast corner but be really smooth with the turn in and allow the car room on the exit of the corner. Following the first corner, bring the car back to the left, light brake and then turn the car in at speed to Charlies 1. From the exit of Charlies 1, you will be on the left. Brake and then turn in, but be careful not to turn in too early as this will force the car wide on the exit. You should be early on the power and let the car run out using the full width of the track on the exit. If it’s dry, there is a small piece of grass on the exit, which is okay to use, but be careful.

This leads you onto the Park Straight. After the long run down and up the hill, the braking reference will be the change in tarmac. The corner looks slower than it actually is. Carry speed in as the camber will allow the car to grip in the corner. At Chris Curve turn in flat out, hold the car to the apex a little longer than you would normally and then let the car move out to the left. This will then set the car up for the approach to the Gooseneck. Keeping the car out to the left, light brake before the right and then back on the power across the apex, before a short hard brake. Then turn into the apex for the left, then hard on the power again down the hill using all the room on the right-hand side of the circuit.

Mansfield is at the bottom of the steep downhill run. Because of the step downhill approach, brake earlier and harder than normal, but carry speed into the apex and get back on the power early as there is plenty of space on the exit. Bring the car to the left for the apex and then straighten the car towards the turn in point for the bottom part of the Mountain, braking diagonally straight across the circuit. Turn in and keep the car to the left, before turning right and getting on the power early up the Mountain. Over the top, keep the car slightly off-centre so you don’t run out of road. On the top it may be worth a slight lift before the crest to protect your driveshafts if you have a car that is prone to driveshaft issues.

This then leads into the very tight section of Hall Bends. Keep the car to the left on the approach brake and then turn in and carry a balanced throttle through the corners, as it is better to be slow and steady rather than attacking this section. Braking for theHairpin is tricky as the circuit falls away. Keep the car to the left and slow the car down. Keep the car tight at the apex and be cautious when you get back on the power. Bring the car out to the left and brake, and be careful not to turn in too late to Barn. Get a good apex and then get back on the power for the downhill run to the start/finish straight.

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