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Alan Whibley – Old Farts Member

Castle Combe Circuit does not have any pit garages, so bring your own awning, marquee or race truck if you are expecting wet weather. However, there is an excellent clubhouse that serves hot food and drink all day. The track organisers make sure there is an informal feel and the atmosphere is relaxed but make no mistake this track can bite!

There are two very challenging corners – Tower and Quarry. Neither have much run-off. It is worth taking time to learn Quarry, which is the first corner you will approach after leaving the pit lane. It is approached over the double hump of Avon Rise. The track dips in between the humps and you should brake there, not on the rise. If you are brave you can go over both humps pretty much flat out and brake hard once the car has settled, but on a track day it might not be worth the risk.

After Quarry there is a fast chicane, a fast right and a flat out straight approaching Tower, another 90-degree turn with NO run off. You should also beware of Camp Corner – get that wrong and you’ll bang into the pit wall.

Overall, a great circuit just half an hour drive from Junction 17 off the M4 and a big favourite with drivers and spectators.

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