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FDM Jyllandsringen - Track Guide

It is the goal of FDM Jyllandsring to increase road safety and create better drivers and motorcyclists in all possible ways. In addition, FDM Jyllandsringen is also Denmark’s largest motorsport facility.

FDM Jyllandsringen was built in 1966 by contractor SK Jensen. The course is built on an old gravel pit. The first year of the life of the race was motor sport the only activity. But already the year after, FDM began to settle driving courses. FDM bought Jyllandsringen in 1974. In 1986, a maneuvering farm was expanded as it became a compulsory part of driving instruction for driving school students. When in 1990 driving skills were required for driving school students, lane 2 was built for this purpose. Later, two new maneuvering yards were expanded in 1998 and 2004. In 2003, a merging of lane 1 and lane 2 was carried out, which meant that FDM Jyllandsringen became the longest Danish race track with a length of 2300 meters. The entire Jutland ring area covers an area of 63 hectares.

Maneuvering Farms

A maneuvering house which is also called closed exercise is mine. 5000 m 2   In addition there is a building for the instructor. The area is paved and there are cones set up for driving school students to practice with.

Lane 1

Lane 1 is 1475 meters long, and 20 meters at the widest point. There are 2 related slides for the track. The straight slope is 130 meters long and 10 meters wide. The smooth turn is about 80 meters long and 10 meters wide. At both slipways there is a safety zone that is used to catch “runaway” cars during a possible drift. Rubber tiles and foam rubber blocks are used as obstacles for the driving courses. If it is an extended course, a light control system is also used. The course is used for driving courses, special events and motorbikes.
Motorbike runs for 5 weekends a year at FDM Jyllandsringen. During the course of the race, the track has been merged with Bane 2, resulting in a total length of 2300 meters. FDM Jyllandsringen is the only FIA approved track in Denmark. The course also has the status of a Team Denmark training center and in this connection 20 training days are held each year.

Lane 2

Lane 2 is 900 meters long and 12 meters wide. The course is equipped with automatic obstacles (popup cones) that help make the driving technique more realistic. On course 2 there are 2 slippery lanes. 1 smooth turn and a long straight slope. The straight slope is 100 meters long and 10 meters wide.
The smooth turn is approx. 80 meters long and 10 meters wide. The course is mainly used for teaching driving school students. However, it is used 5 weekends a year for motorbikes and 20 days a year for training.