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Alan Whibley – Old Farts Member

Probably my favourite circuit of all. Set in the lovely Sussex countryside and beautifully maintained. There’s well manicured grass all round and there lies problem number one – almost no run off anywhere. Put a boot on the grass and there is a tyre wall with solid earth banks waiting for you.

The pleasant surroundings can give a give a feeling of relaxation, but it is deceptive and can catch out the unwary. There is plenty of cover in the pits to work on cars, but no garages as such. There is very limited racing – just two big events and a few sprints. Track days are usually organised via the Goodwood circuit owners.

Track days are organised as five or more commonly 10 car sessions. When it’s your time to leave the pit lane, the traffic light goes green, the pit lane marshal waves you out and it’s flat out to the famous Madgewick Corner – an interesting double-apex bend that you need to get right. Max out on the straight to get the most pleasure from taking Fordwater flat out (in most cars) and rush down into St Marys, which you can take very quickly before braking and changing down, before a fast left-hand exit.

The exit can cause problems and is often where cars in the revival meetings end up in the wheat field. Lavant is basically a hairpin taken as a smooth single turn, before finding pretty much maximum velocity down the Lavant straight into probably one of the best corners on the circuit, Woodcote. Big heavy cars brake at the 200-yard board, but cars such as Caterhams can wait until much later and close up on much faster cars. So watch out and don’t close on cars in the bend. You can’t brake once you have started your turn, as you’ll end up on the only run off area.

The last bend is the famous chicane – basically a polystyrene wall extending almost right across the track. As you accelerate away it can catch you out, especially in damp conditions, and the marshals will give you a wigging.

There is a great little trailer that serves locally produced burgers and bacon butties, as well as hot drinks all day. In the summer you can often get a cup of tea and piece of cake at around 3pm, which adds a quaint touch of Old England to the proceedings. Also, be sure to check out the airfield as there are often a few Spitfires and old planes knocking about. Not a circuit for aggressive young wannabe World Champs, but a wonderful place to spend a few hours and knacker your tyres.

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