Upcoming Track Days - Hethel

Date Circuit / Layout Organiser Cost
October 2018
+ Saturday
06 October 2018
Lotus on Track Ltd
Session Type: Open Pit Lane
Restrictions: 105db static & 95db drive by 20m
Requirements: 2 seater sports cars
Skill Level: All
Track Day Type: Car Track Day


Hethel Test Track
Potash Lane
NR14 8EZ

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Hethel - Track Guide

This is the Lotus Test Track: the Hethel circuit was completely refurbished and updated in 2011 when it was opened by Nigel Mansell.

The circuit is 2.2 miles long and with its run-off areas is situated in approximately 30 acres of the 50-acre Group Lotus site. Built to put Lotus’ high performance cars through their paces, the circuit incorporates a series of bends, hairpin corners and straights providing an excellent venue for honing driving skills.

The main Track Day organisers we list that run events at Hethel are Lotus on Track and Magnitude Events.

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