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Jamie Stanley – www.jamiestanley.co.uk

Located just 20 minutes from Cardiff, Llandow is just off junction 35 of the M4 motorway. At less than a mile long and with a maximum width of just nine metres, the circuit is short and very tight with two long straights created from the former runways of the World War 2 air base that used to occupy the site.

Heading over the start/finish straight for the first time and into the Chicane, the turn in here is very late and the apex is at the end of the Armco barrier that is right on the edge of the track. This Armco barrier is actually protecting the Race Control building, so take great caution on the exit as a spin hear is usually severely punished. The second part of the chicane is quite simple, but from the apex you will be heading straight towards the tall marshals box on the left. This should open out the long right-hander before the short straight.

This is followed by a very fast right-hand bend. At the end of the back straight there is a very tight chicane that has a plastic bollard attached to it. Care should be taken as this bollard will do lots of damage if struck. The next section of the lap is actually two corners, but should be treated as one. From an initial apex, let the car run out about two thirds of the way across the track and then bring the car gradually back into a late apex. From this apex there is lots of room on the exit of the corner for the run out. As with the precious corners, extreme caution should be taken as all through the final corner there is a solid grass bank that is only a very short distance from the track, so a mistake here would be severely punished.

The chief marshal always makes a point in briefing to respect the circuit, because if you don’t, it will jump up and bite you on the backside!  It’s a perfect venue for Novices as numbers are limited to 40 cars and 48 bikes.  The circuit organisers are a friendly bunch, the circuit is not Silverstone, but have a certain part to play in the motorsport industry and we encoruage you to hit the Llandow circuit soon.

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