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Lydden Hill - Track Guide

Ben Whibley – Caterham Champion

Lydden Hill is a hidden gem for most track day users. The circuit provides a friendly and cost effective way to get track time. It can be seen from any point and it’s easy to get your bearings with only four corners. Some track days allow you to overtake on any side like a test day, so make sure you pay attention during the briefing.

On track you begin at Canterbury Straight, which starts to dip down into Pilgrims – a long sweeping right-hander where you need to make sure all braking is done before you turn, as there is not a lot of room for error. Drift wide to the left before coming back to the right near the service road and try to keep as close to the white line under-braking. There is a small bump you need to pass first. With Devil’s Elbow, make sure you get on the power at the apex and drift wide, but not too wide as you will be penalised in competition. This corner is important as you need to maintain speed for the steep hill.

North Bend scrubs a lot of speed. You are still pointing uphill, so a trail brake is OK here, but don’t go too hot or you will lose speed coming back down the steep hill to Paddock Bend.

With most corners, when you exit you always feel you could have gone quicker, but I see so many cars in the gravel here. Be respectful to this corner, which starts with a dip before the apex that is on the peak of the hill where the car goes light and drifts onto the grass. Experiment with this corner and build up slowly.

Enjoy this fast circuit.

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