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About Sturup Raceway

Sturup Raceway is a modern motorsport facility and a top-professional event and team building center. We are for big and small companies who want to do something very special for their customers, employees and partners. We create joy, togetherness, loyalty and motivation through experiences that require hundred percent focus, concentration and presence. Cross-border experiences that challenge and develop, and where you are together on a completely different level.

Sturup Raceway is Sweden’s southernmost racing track, strategically located only:

  • 20 min by car from Malmö
  • 45 min by car from Copenhagen and 45 min by plane from Stockholm
  • less than 2 km from Malmö / Sturup Airport
  • Approximately 3.5 million potential visitors / customers live in the region

The banana is internationally approved and is 2,087m long, 11-16m wide, technical, hilly and very challenging. Sturup Raceway has organized 4 STCC and 4 DTC competitions (Danish equivalent) since 2005.

We estimate more than:

• 75,000-100,000 visitors per year in conjunction with various competitions and product launches
• 5,000 driver card students are doing their risk training at the facility
• 5,000 business guests participating in events and conferences

Thanks to our facilities and strategic location, the facility fits perfectly with product launches, launchers and conferences, including Audi, BMW, VW, Nissan, Subaru, Samsung, Pirelli & Goodyear, to name a few.

 We focus on the following areas:

Road safety:
• Risk training (halftrain)
• Safety on the road
• Eco Driving

• Contests
• Tests
• Trackdays

• Conference with go-carts
• Business events with Touring Car Racing cars
• Business events with Super Sports cars