Touge Valley, Mid Wales

Upcoming Track Days - Touge Valley, Mid Wales

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Date Circuit / Layout Organiser Cost
September 2019
+ Saturday
14 September 2019
Touge Valley, Mid Wales
Private Mountain Side Tarmac Rally Stage
Slip and Grip Automotive
Session Type: Tarmac Rally Stage
Requirements: Cars
Skill Level: Intermediate / Advanced
Notes: By clicking on the website link you will be able to see the full details of this 2 day event:-
Basic Rules and Regs:
Drivers & Co-Drivers must wear helmets at all times on stage
Cars will be srutineered and must be maintained and prepared to a high standard
All cars must be at least to a road going standard with a minimum of a Half Cage (significant roll over bar), bucket seats and FIA/MSUK harnesses fitted as per manufacturers guidelines
All cars must carry atleast a 1KG hand held fire extinguisher thats mounted with in reach of the vehicles crew
Cars must have towing eyes fitted
Slicks are not permitted
Track Day Type: Test Day Car Day


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