The Warren set to be rebuilt at Race Retro 2017

14th February 2017

‘The Warren’ race car, designed to compete in the 750 Formula, is set to be rebuilt live at this year’s Race Retro historic motorsport show.

Designed by Jerry Evershed, the 1973 championship winning car will be brought back to life during a live build over the 3 day February event.

750 Formula is one of the world’s oldest racing series having run since 1949- predating Formula 1. However, for 2017 the series is being re-launched as the ‘Historic 750 Formula’.

The headline celebration is The Warren’s – so called after the street name where Evershed lived at the time- return to operation after laying dormant in recent times. It is hoped that the event will spearhead the 750 Motor Club’s desires to bring all of the missing 750 Formula cars back to ready-to-race condition.

The rebuild itself will be carried out by the car’s current owner Ron Welsh, and upon completion it is expected that The Warren will compete once more. It carries on a legacy of setting five lap records towards its championship title, set by then driver Robin Smyth.

Despite carrying period technology ahead of its time, including a rear-mounted supercharged 747cc Reliant engine and a bespoke cylinder head, the premature deaths of both driver and designer saw the car’s competitive use fizzle out.

Although the series may be approaching its 70th anniversary, the formulae is still the most cost effective route for those interested in getting into historic circuit racing.