PRO ANNUAL 2018 Professional racing drivers share their experience on advanced circuit driving techniques in our FREE eBook: • Synchronised video and data • Dual camera 1080p • Heart rate monitor • Class leading driver training software (Windows, macOS & iOS versions) • Configurable pre-record buffer • Camera preview over WiFi • CAN interface • CAN signal database CIRCUIT TOOLS driver training software VBOX VIDEO HD2 captures stunning video in full 1080p HD with real-time graphical overlay. Supplied in a rugged, water resistant case, with two cameras, internal GPS logger, backup battery supply, up to 30s video pre-buffer and real-time graphical overlay, VBOX VIDEO HD2 represents the ultimate in tough, reliable motorsport video loggers. VBOX VIDEO HD2 comes with CIRCUIT TOOLS , an intuitive analysis software package designed to help drivers improve their track performance and accelerate the learning process, ultimately leading to better lap times. VBOX VIDEO HD2 available to order online